Oplev hele Københavns musikfestival Aiasound


Aia is everything you love. It's dancing under the open sky and the place to create lifelong memories. Together we turn an empty field into a magical and adventurous universe - together we create AiaSound. We guarantee 3 unforgettable days of festival, a lot of new people & friends and extremely good vibes. As a part of Aia Volunteer you have the opportunity to explore personal skills and try out new tasks that will inspire for a very long time. No volunteers, no festival - it’s as simple as that.


1 Sign up

Sign up as a volunteer and secure your spot at Aia '24.

2 Team

Choose the team you'd like to join! Teams are first come, first served.


Choose the shift you’d like from your team's shift schedule! Shifts are first come, first served.

4 Intro

You’ll receive info as we go - including check in and meeting point on the festival site :)

AiaSound ‘24 — let’s go!

If you wish to volunteer with your friends, make sure to choose the same team and the same shift. Note: teams and shifts are first come, first served.


You can choose to be a part of team Aia before, during or after AiaSound. We made it simple so you’ll only need one shift regardless of the team you choose to join. One day of work - at least two days of party. A shift is between 10-12 hours. When the festival is closer, the time of your shift will be exact - we’re flexible and ready to adapt and hope you’ll be the same <3

Before the festival: 1 shift (12 hours)
During the festival: 1 shift (10-12 hours)
After the festival: 1 shift (10-12 hours)

What’s in it for you?

As a volunteer we promise you…

- Access to the festival every day.
- 1 day of work, 2 days of party.
- Food & drinks during your shift.
- Our volunteer merch.
- A view of the festival behind the scenes.
- New friends.
- Memories & an experience for life.
- Extra spice on your resume - you are taking part in creating the festival of Copenhagen.


BUILD-UP - all spots taken

Do you know how to use a paintbrush? Are you good with a hammer or a screw machine? Then we’re looking for YOU to join our Aia build-up team. Being a newbie is just as good as being a master - the most important thing is that you’re up for the task! We guarantee good vibes and sweat, as we’re creating magic and building the whole festival.

- Painting stuff.
- Hammering, drilling and more.
- Build up... bars and areas.

Shift before the festival: 1 x 12 hours.

truck driver *certificate required

Aia loves badass truck drivers!

Become an important part of the Aia team - help move large, heavy items from A to B - either before or after the festival.

Shift: 1 x 12 hours.
*Note: truck certificate required.

Send your truck certificate to us at frivillig@aiasoundfestival.com <3

Bar - all spots taken

Do you like spreading good energy and pouring draft beer under the open sky? Then we’re looking for you to join our Aia Bar Team ‘23! Together with your team, you’ll be the meeting point of the party, while you’re sending out good vibes to everyone on site - and making sure that no one is thirsty :) Being a total newbie is just as good as being a bartender - the most important thing is that you’re up for the task and for joining the community!

- pouring draft beer and mixing drinks.
- communication and/or serving the guests.
- to have a great time.

Shift during the festival: 1x 10-12 hours.

Safety - few spots left

Are you excellent at keeping an overview? Good with people? Or are you considering a future at the police, a security company or something third? Then we’re looking for you to join our Safety Team!We guarantee some fun and exciting hours on site where you’ll test out safety on hand while meeting a lot of people: Together with the festival’s Security responsible, you’ll get around the festival site to keep track of guests and flow.

- Keep an eye on the entrance and/or emergency exits.
- Crowd safety during concerts.
- Communication with guests.

Shift during the festival: 1x 10-12 hours.

Stage CREW - all spots taken

Are you considering a future in the music or live industry? Are you ready for cables, instruments and microphones? Or would you just like to try something totally new? Then we’re looking for you to join our Stage Crew Team! We guarantee the festival feeling up CLOSE and some fun hours behind the scenes, as you and your team are in charge of prepping Aia Stage or Art Stage for every artist in the day's lineup.
‍Experience is not required - the most important thing is that you’ve got some drive and are up for joining the team!

- Pack down and line up before/between/after artist acts.
- Push/lift gear from trucks to the stage - around the stage - and back to trucks.

Shift during the festival: 1x 10-12 hours. Biceps are a plus here!

Check in - all spots taken

Are you an extrovert or a party starter - and ready to meet a lot of people? Then we’re looking for you to join our Check in Team! Here you’ll be the first one for everyone to meet on their festival journey: Expect great moods and really good vibes. Together with your team you’ll make sure that the guests get their wristband before sending them off well to the festival site!

- Scan tickets at the entrance.
- Hand out wristbands to guests and volunteers.
- Send everyone off well to the festival site.

Shift during the festival: 1x 10-12 hours.

CASH FOR TRASH - few spots left

Calling everyone who seriously wants to make a difference. Whether you are an environmental activist or have a heart of gold, this is the team for you. We have created TRASH TO CASH to make Aia and the world greater - as well as teamed up with a fantastic NGO.

Your responsibilities/tasks can include...
- Oversee interactive games at the tent and give out the right prizes.
- Collecting waste with a big team of Aia volunteers and NGO volunteers.
- Managing operations at the big tent to ensure efficient recycling.

These efforts contribute to fundraising for our NGO participating in this year's festival: LykkeLiga. Get ready to have a blast.

Shift during the festival: 1x 10-12 hours.
*note: the site's opening and closing times may overlap.

Team s.w.a.t. - few spots left

On S.W.A.T., you're Aia's superhero: you charge in wherever you're needed! It's like rolling the dice - hard to predict where you'll land. Common tasks include supporting bars, Team Graitor, handyman, or logistics assignments. One thing is certain: You become loved and indispensable <3

Tasks can be…
- Got a driver's license? It's possible you'll use it here...
- Touchup of the festival’s atmosphere.
- Smaller practical tasks: hammering, drilling and more.
- Supporting the other teams depending on their needs.

Shift during the festival: 1x 10-12 hours.

TAKE DOWN - few spots left

Do you know how to use a hammer or a screw machine? Then we’re looking for YOU to join our festival 2023 Take Down Team. Being a newbie is just as good as being a master - the most important thing is that you’re up for the task! We guarantee good vibes and sweat, as we’re magically making Aia disappear until next year.

- Hammering, drilling and more.
- Take down bars and areas.
- Take down the fence along the festival site.

Shift after the festival: 1x 10-12 hours.



You have to be at least 18 years old to volunteer.

Do I get food & drinks during my shift?

Yes, you will get food and drinks during your shift! It’s a good idea to have eaten from home so you’ll have energy when starting your shift. Your team leader will make sure to put in breaks in your shift.

My team, my tasks & my shift

You can find info about volunteering at AiaSound on the volunteer portal: frivillig.aiasoundfestival.dk 
Check out the left side on the screen when logging in. Here you’ll find your team - and later your team leader, shift and ticket for the festival.

Where and how do I check in?

When arriving at AiaSound, please go to the Volunteer check in. Here you’ll receive your wristband - regardless of whether you're arriving as a guest or a volunteer on your first day.

Remember to bring your volunteer ticket and your ID :)

My volunteer portal

To log in on the volunteer portal you must have signed up as a volunteer. You create a user when signing up! If you’re already signed up, click here to log in.

Can I sleep at the festival site?

Don't worry - everyone is sleeping in their own bed, so you won't miss a thing during nighttime. Actually, you'll just be fresh and clean when arriving at Aia the next day. We love.


If you have any questions, please contact the volunteer department at: frivillig@aiasoundfestival.com.

Voluntary association

Would you and your voluntary association like to become a part of AiaSound 2024? Send an email to frivillig@aiasoundfestival.com and hear more.

What if I get sick?

If you’re sick or suddenly unable to attend your shift due to other valid reasons, please call the volunteer office: (PHONE). Remember to call, as a text or email is not valid. AiaSound reserve the right to ask for a self-paid medical certificate. 

Deregister & deadline

When choosing your team and shift, we expect you to be there! This is also how you secure your spot at AiaSound. There are many contenders, so it's very important to deregister as fast as possible if you're unable to attend.

The absolut last chance to deregister is July 1st. At this point we need all hands on deck to create AiaSound together :) When the deadline is exceeded, your volunteer signup is considered binding.

Deregister: Log in to the volunteer portal -> click your name at the top -> delete your account.

What happens if I don't attend my shift?

A no-show to a shift is a breach of our terms regarding volunteer work. You will be issued an invoice of 1.599 DKK as you will pay the ticket yourself. Additionally we will cut your wristband and blacklist you as a volunteer for all future festivals/events by AiaSound.

Terms & conditions

—  When the deregister deadline (July 1st) is exceeded, your volunteer signup is considered binding.

— Theft is theft – giving away any Aia property such as beverages is considered theft.

— You can’t be under the influence of alcohol while on shift. Neither when the shift starts or during the shift.

— AiaSound has zero tolerance for drugs.